Our Projects

The projects listed show a variety of cradles and roof equipment which we have created bespoke for our clients, depending on their access requirements and the type of building and its location. Click here to send us a quote with as many details as possible and we will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the task in hand.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Please click on the “More Info” buttons to read about various sites which Greater London Cradles have worked on in the past few years; the majority are around London, but also, we have worked recently in Ipswich, Portsmouth and Basingstoke. We are happy to quote for any size job within a 100 mile radius of London.


Sugar Quay

Project: Sugar Quay
Location: Tower Hill, London EC3
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
24 cradles in use for over 18 months on this long-term new build project.


Goodman's Fields

Project: Goodman’s Fields
Location: Aldgate, London E1
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
Six cradles used for over 2 years for a new build project.


Albert Embankment

Project: Albert Embankment
Location: 10 Albert Embankment, London, SE1
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
Several cradles utilised to install the glass façade.


Newington Butts

Project: Newington Butts
Location: Location: London, SE1
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
Four cradles used to install panels on this new build.

Project: Fitzroy Place
Location: Mayfair, London, W1
Cradle: Single Cradle Platform
Cradle used on a new build glass panel installation.

Project: Lillie Square
Location: Earls Court, London, SW6
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
17 cradles used on this project.

Project: Ealing
Location: London, W13
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
Six cradles used on 3 tower blocks for concrete repair.


Academy Gardens

Project: Academy Gardens
Location: London, W13
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
Six cradles used on 3 tower blocks for concrete repair.


Kings Cross

Project: Kings Cross
Location: London, NW1
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
Multiple cradles were erected on a massive student hall complex in the Kings Cross area for a prolonged period, to provide a safe means of access for window installation.


Olympic Energy Centre

Client: Olympic 2012
Project: Olympic Energy Centre
Location: Stratford, London
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
Nine cradles were used to provide access to façades on an “access sensitive” elevation of the Olympic Energy Centre on the Olympic site. Due to the proximity of a major rail route, cradles were used as they could provide the safest choice of access to this conundrum.

westminster park plaza

Westminster Park Plaza

Project: Westminster Park Plaza
Location: Westminster, London
Cradle: Double Deck Cradle
Two double deck cradles were used on this site (side by side) to fit twelve storeys of a glass-constructed façade. Double deck cradles were essential for the safe, secure and speedy fit of the glass.


The Dorchester Hotel

Project: The Dorchester Hotel
Location: Mayfair, London
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
Multiple cradles were utilised for façade restoration on this world-renowned hotel.


Madame Tussauds

Project: Madame Tussauds
Location: Baker Street, London
Cradle: Cradle Platform
Greater London Cradles were contracted to design and erect this unusual roof rig for use on this building.


Feltham Travelodge

Project: Feltham Travelodge
Location: Feltham, London
Cradle: Cradle Platform
Several cradles were erected on this site in Feltham to provide safe access for facade/window installation and snagging.



Project: Bankside
Location: Southbank, London, WC1
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
Multiple cradles were used for several months on different height buildings at an extensive construction site in the middle of SE1, which was being regenerated. The cradles were used by many trades including steel fixing, painting and façade snagging.


Brook House

Project: Brook House
Location: Tottenham Court Road
Cradle: Cradle Platform
Several cradles were provided on this particular site for stone facade cleaning. The cradles were used to save the customer time and money compared to more traditional forms of access


White City Shopping Centre

Project: White City Shopping Centre
Location: White City, West London
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
Cradles were installed on this well-known shopping centre in West London, so that multiple trades could put the ‘finishing touches’ on this impressive shopping centre just before its opening. The cradles’ quick installation and ease of dismantling process was essential for a project with tight deadlines.


The Royal Borough Kingston

Project: Royal Borough of Kingston
Location: The Royal Borough of Kingston, London
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
Multiple cradles were used to replace the old-for-new windows on various apartment blocks in the Royal Borough of Kingston.



Project: Hammersmith
Location: Hammersmith, London
Cradle: Cradle Platforms
Two cradles were used on site for a project that required the complete overhaul of an existing building. Cradles were chosen as the preferred method of access for pointing works, due to the sensitive nature of the site’s neighbouring properties.


City Road

Project: City Road
Location: City Road, London
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
Multiple cradles were used on site for well over a year. Access was required for an international façade installation company, to install & snag various elevations on site.



Project: Roehampton
Location: Roehampton, SW London
Cradle: Multiple Cradle Platforms
Numerous cradles were employed on site for the external refurbishment of multiple tower blocks, up to twelve storeys in height.


Unite Building

Project: Unite Building
Location: Portsmouth
Cradle: Cradle Platform
Over 30 cradles were utilised to help fit the facade on new student halls of residence in Portsmouth. Access issues, due to a compact site footprint, with a major rail line on one side and a major road on the other dictated the feasible access options available. This made temporary access cradles the preferred choice.