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Suspended Access Cradles For Hire

Suspended Access Platforms (sometimes known as cradles),Temporary Access Cradles and Access Equipment are used for accessing difficult to reach areas in a building environment. Greater London Cradles Ltd. are specialists in suspended and powered access cradles; below are just a few of the cradles you can hire.

Niko Track/Mono-Rail System with TR30/50 Minifor Hoists

  • Enables the movement of heavy items around a scaffolding structure with ease.
  • Manual and electrical hoists can be used in conjunction with the system to facilitate lifting.
  • Ideal for sheer wall façade installations and projects that have site crane time restraints.

Cradle Platform, Modular Alloy Platform

A quick and cost-effective method of accessing any high-rise structure with no height ceiling.


    • painting
    • cladding
    • general building work
    • cleaning buildings
    • surveys and inspections


Cradle 1-16 metres in length. SWL of cradle between 200kg-500kg.

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greater london cradles corner cradles 4

Corner Cradle Option

Utilising the cradle platform components with a corner cradle section, this can be used to follow the contours of a building structure precisely.

We have available four different sizes of corner angle 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees all to suit the projects requirements.

Double Deck Cradle Option

  • Similar to the Cradle Platform option, this cradle access solution allows for multiple deck and working space.
  • This enables larger areas of a building facade to be accessed from one cradle.
  • Ideal for facades/glass that are beyond the safe capacity size of a standard cradle platform. 

Work Cage

A Work Cage is used in a limited area for repair and inspection projects, rescue or observation by one or two workers.


Used with top rigging and one electrical hoist.


Height 2315mm, Length 1000mm, Width 1370mm. SWL of work Cage is 1 person or 250kg.

Scafor Manuel Cradle

A Scafor Manual Cradle is a device used to suspend a person(s) using a manually powered hoist. These cradles are smaller, lighter and do not require an electrical power source.


  • painters’ cradles
  • bosun’s chairs and one man cradles
  • platforms with fixed or articulated stirrups


Ideal length between 1 and 6 metres. SWL of a Manual Cradle is 2 men or 250kg.

Bosun's Chair

A bosun’s chair is a device used to suspend a person from a rope to perform work aloft. It is distinguished from a climbing harness by the inclusion of a more or less rigid seat, providing more comfort than even the best-padded straps for long-term use. However, the bosun’s chair does not allow the freedom of movement necessary for climbing, and the occupant is generally hoisted or lowered into place using the rope alone. Control of the hoist is by a pendant control box, that the operative uses to move the chair from the comfort of his seat.




SWL One man or 90kg.

Our Access Cradles can be assembled to give access to buildings in a couple of hours/days, which is extremely quick in comparison to the time and cost involved in assembling a scaffold, and makes the cradle a very efficient means of access to multi-storey flats/buildings.


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Greater London Cradles can supply cradles to specifically suit your access requirements.

Please give us a call on: 020 3794 6997  or contact us for more information.

We look forward to solving your access issues...

Contract hire of manual and power operated access solutions

We can supply and erect twin wire electric and manual cradles for a period ranging from one day to as long as required.

Our equipment

Our equipment includes powered cradles, work cages and bosun’s chairs.
Powered cradles range in size from 1m to 16m; work cages are ideal for one-man jobs in small areas; bosun’s chairs are ideal for use in confined spaces, such as small shafts.


Greater London Cradles Ltd takes safety as a number one priority. All our installations comply with BS5974 standards & LOLER regulations. We provide detailed method statements and risk assessments with every contract we carry out, as well as adequate information in the safe use of our equipment. We also include a one-to-one cradle induction programme..

Mobile rigging teams and service engineers

Our mobile rigging teams provide a fast and efficient service. We have an independent service engineer, who will respond to any situation that same day.

Free surveys

We provide a free survey followed by a free quotation service. Design services with full technical back up are also available.


London’s leading specialist in access cradles, we provide a complete service from site survey to suspended cradle access hire in London.

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